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Crane Service ( includes ):

  • Crane Inspections
  • Crane Management
  • Crane Condition Surveys
  • Crane Condition Database
  • Crane Maintenance
  • Crane Repairs, Modifications and Upgrades, Installation and Removal

To operate safely and efficiently, all cranes require periodic inspection and maintenance.

The frequency or intensity of the maintenance is dependent upon the age of the crane, frequency of use, operating environment, regulatory requirements - a host of factors.

Independent Crane & Equip, LLC specializes in planning and implementing inspection and maintenance regimes on all offshore and onshore crane types, in all operating environments, ranging from cranes which are in use 24 hours a day to cranes which are used only once every few months. Our analysis develops risk-based strategies for specific crane types and operating environments, determining how much maintenance, how frequently, is required to deliver crane integrity to meet our customers' operating objectives.

Independent Crane & Equip, LLC has developed strategic relationships with technology and component suppliers in the lifting and access support industries - companies with whom we have technical, service and supply chain agreements which enable us to deliver appropriate service fast and at competitive prices.

ICE also provides:

  • Crane Spare Parts
  • New Crane Sales
  • Used Crane Sales
  • Temporary Crane Rental
  • Bag Rental
  • Engineering Services
  • Mechanical Handling
  • Rigger Training
  • Manuals
  • Products and Agencies
  • Training Conducted in English and Spanish


  • Parts and technicians dispatched around the clock
  • Field troubleshooting and repair: hydraulic, pheumatic, electrical and structural


  • Inspection programs
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Operator and maintenance training programs
  • Heavy lift crane operators
  • Waterbag proof load testing
  • Rental cranes


  • Complete hydraulic repair and testing facilities
  • Complete fabrication capabilities: jigs, fixtures and templates
  • Complete crane disassembly, inspection, repair and reassembly


  • SeaKing, Houston Systems, American Aero, Nautilus, Titan, Pedestal, Skagit, Linkbelt, American, P&H, Galion, etc.


  • Booms, gantrys, auxiliary extensions, etc.
  • Winches, drives, pumps, motors, and other hydraulic components